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Same location since 1979. All jumps from our 22-jumper airplane (shown below) from 13,500'. Freefall a minute followed by a 5-6 minute parachute ride. We Skydive Year 'round!

Washington DC & Northern  Virginia tandem skydiving gift certificatesBest High Altitude Tandem jump plane at any Washington DC skydiving center offering high altitude 17,500' tandem jumps


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Why skydive tandem with us?

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Licensed Skydivers Skydive Nokesville tandem Skydive McLean, Virginia

Why you should Skydive with us-

We know that choosing a drop zone is an important decision.  Here are just a few key reasons why you should come to Skydive Orange for your first skydive.

Safety First
  • We always put safety first while still keeping it fun.
  • We use Vector Sigma tandem rigs; the best in the industry.  They are updated regularly and maintained by local FAA certified riggers.
  • And of course we are a USPA member drop zone and as such follow USPAís safety recommendations and training standards.
We are really Skydiving center- been here since the early 1970's!

Actual skydiving centers like ours have to compete with an incredible proliferation of "Nationwide Skydiving Network" scams with flashy Christmas gift websites selling gift certificates.  Once they have your money, their only criteria for where to send you is whichever of their "vendors", "affiliates" or "associates" they can unload you on for the cheapest price. As of 2012, they have started making up odd names for themselves that are parts of complete words, so you can never look up their company reviews. Almost all of these are run by the folks who started the incredibly corrupt "Skyride" network. Don't fall for those skydiving gift certificate scams!

Brick and Mortar-
We built ourselves this brand new hangar exclusively for skydiving 


Dedicated, Experienced Personnel
  • We have a staff of experienced tandem instructors who have been at Skydive Orange for many years and continue to stay current with todayís training methods.  We have very little staff turnover as they want to stay and continue our tradition of teaching and learning.  Check out our staff

Our 22-jumper Aircraft
  • We have a full time pilot and airplane and as long as weather permits, we fly up to 13,500 feet (2-1/2 miles!) above ground level so you get the maximum amount of freefall time. Compare this to other drop zones that fly Cessna aircraft which achieve less than 11,000 feet of altitude.
  • With our bigger plane, we can often accommodate small groups flying on the same load together. This way you can share the experience and perhaps watch your friends jump out of the plane before you.

Skydive Baltimore jump plane

High-Quality Video and Pictures
  • To digitally record your skydiving memories, a talented videographer using high-quality equipment (not just a wrist mounted camera) will separately fly in front of you during your exit from the plane and throughout freefall. The resulting video and/or photos capture your experience from a perspective that makes it great to share with your friends and family.

Scenic Countryside View
  • In addition to having a great skydiving experience over beautiful countryside, there is more to do in the area from hiking in the nearby Shenandoah, to touring local wineries, or exploring Civil War battlefields, and even visiting James Madisonís home, Montpelier, located just outside the city of Orange.


Advanced Skydiving Coaching, Wingsuit Flying, NOVA/DC Skydiving Competitions, Relative Work, Get Rated to Teach Skydiving...

Skydive Orange hosts cutting-edge advanced freefall and canopy flying coaching, competitions, and ratings certification courses for various skydiving disciplines and instructional ratings- coach ratings courses, AFF...  See the Skydiving events remaining this year and check out our Washington DC skydiving events archive, which, I assure you, are all much more impressive than their little black-and-white descriptions could hope to convey. 

If all you've browsed so far is our basic first jump information, in order to see what Skydive Orange is really all about you need to consider the many diverse aspects of skydiving our club members excel in; as a new skydiver just learning the basics, you can benefit from this incredible pool of Washington DC skydiving knowledge.  

Whether you are first time tandem student from Northern Virginia looking to mark skydiving off your bucket list, or a serious AFF skydiving certification student working to get your skydiving license certification, it should matter to you that your skydiving coaches and AFF skydiving instructors need only ask the fellow sitting next to them on our 22-jumper plane on the ride to 13,500' to draw from the amazing pool of Washington DC skydiving instructional talent found only at Skydive Orange. This is why first time Northern Virginia Skydiving students and first time Washington DC Tandem Skydiving jumps are the best as skydive orange.  

You only make your first jump once, and it should be an experience you'll always look back on fondly, even after you've done hundreds or thousands more jumps, so do it right the first time at Skydive Orange Inc.

Skydive Tandem

Tandem skydive in Northern, Virginia, Gift certificates for one-day first tandem jumps
The best introduction to skydiving is tandem because it is like learning to fly with an instructor every step of the way. Your jump can either be a joy ride with your instructor taking care of almost everything, or if you like we can make it more of a learning jump, teaching you to watch your altimeter, pull the handle just behind your right hip at 5,500', and flying the parachute with your instructor. Hundreds of Northern, VA residents have made their first skydive at Orange with out USPA rated tandem instructors, using our state-of-the-art parachute systems. We pride ourselves on the caliber of tandem instructors and videographers who will be jumping with you from the best jump plane at the best skydiving facilities near Northern, VA.

AFF Skydive certification

Learn to skydive Northern Virginia, USA!
Repeat jumps can be in the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training program, which can lead to getting your "A" license. Completing the 25-jump AFF training program certifies you as having the basic certification that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to jump unsupervised. Then you can keep jumping and adding skydiving skills till you are qualified to learn wingsuit jumps, base jumps, tracking, enter the various forms of competition- our skydiving professionals can mentor you on your way whatever your skydiving goals are.



Licensed Skydivers

Licensed skydivers from Northern, Virginia, skydiving year 'round
Licensed skydivers need only bring their logbooks and USPA licenses to sign in and hop on a plane, ride to 13,500' and do almost whatever they like once out the door! We plan to jump year round Saturdays and Sundays, most Federal Holidays, and usually Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Mid April through November. Weekday jumps are usually $5 cheaper for licensed skydivers.




Skydive Orange- taking folks from Sterling skydiving for the first time at this location for over 33 years! In fact, during this time thousands of people from Sterling skydived with us for their first tandem jumps.

Sterling, Virginia is in Loudoun County, Virginia. The population as of the 2010 Census was 27,822. It is located northwest of Herndon, east of Ashburn, and west of Great Falls, and includes part of Dulles International Airport and the former AOL corporate headquarters. Sterling is also home to the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office (serving the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area), as well as the Sterling Field Support Center, the National Weather Service test, research, and evaluation center for weather instruments.