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Same location since 1979. All jumps from our 22-jumper airplane (shown below) from 13,500'. Freefall a minute followed by a 5-6 minute parachute ride. We Skydive Year 'round!

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Great going away party gift!

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Our New Hangar (2012)!

  • Padded floor from door to door for comfortable packing
  • Experienced Manifest
  • Student Manifest (Tandem & AFF check-in)
  • Air conditioned classroom
  • Gear store (T-shirts, Helmets, Altimeters and more!)
  • Large flat screen TVs (watch your video after you jump!)
With over 10,000 square feet of new space, this hangar is a much welcome addition to our dropzone!  There are dedicated experienced and student manifest offices, as well as classrooms for AFF students and tandems, and plenty of room for video editing for our videographers. And of course, a huge padded packing area.

With a new hangar comes new bathrooms!  We have the cleanest bathrooms around, but don't take our word for it...have a look for yourself:


For visitors and spectators
  • Bleachers to watch the landings
  • Tables in the hanger to wait in the shade
For Experienced Jumpers
  • Full size mockup, large concrete pad & creepers (great for 4-way dirt dives!)
  • Second mockup next to the pavilion (great for last-minute practice!)
  • New and used gear for sale (Everything you need!)
  • Rental rigs (subject to availability)
  • Indoor and outdoor showers (refreshing on a hot summer day!)
  • Camping area to stay the weekend

Skydive Tandem

Tandem skydive in Northern, Virginia, Gift certificates for one-day first tandem jumps
The best introduction to skydiving is tandem because it is like learning to fly with an instructor every step of the way. Your jump can either be a joy ride with your instructor taking care of almost everything, or if you like we can make it more of a learning jump, teaching you to watch your altimeter, pull the handle just behind your right hip at 5,500', and flying the parachute with your instructor. Hundreds of Northern, VA residents have made their first skydive at Orange with out USPA rated tandem instructors, using our state-of-the-art parachute systems. We pride ourselves on the caliber of tandem instructors and videographers who will be jumping with you from the best jump plane at the best skydiving facilities near Northern, VA.

AFF Skydive certification

Learn to skydive Northern Virginia, USA!
Repeat jumps can be in the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training program, which can lead to getting your "A" license. Completing the 25-jump AFF training program certifies you as having the basic certification that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to jump unsupervised. Then you can keep jumping and adding skydiving skills till you are qualified to learn wingsuit jumps, base jumps, tracking, enter the various forms of competition- our skydiving professionals can mentor you on your way whatever your skydiving goals are.



Licensed Skydivers

Licensed skydivers from Northern, Virginia, skydiving year 'round
Licensed skydivers need only bring their logbooks and USPA licenses to sign in and hop on a plane, ride to 13,500' and do almost whatever they like once out the door! We plan to jump year round Saturdays and Sundays, most Federal Holidays, and usually Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Mid April through November. Weekday jumps are usually $5 cheaper for licensed skydivers.