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Same location since 1979. All jumps from our 22-jumper airplane (shown below) from 13,500'. Freefall a minute followed by a 5-6 minute parachute ride. We Skydive Year 'round!

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Tandem Skydives...
When will I jump?
After you have done your paperwork and ground training, your jump will be scheduled. The timing will depend on your arrival time, the weather, and the size of your group. Plan to spend up to 6 hours as it may take time.
How fast will I fall?
The average speed is 120 mph or 200 ft per second!

How high will we go?

We jump from 13,500 ft. Sometimes clouds prohibit us from getting as high as that, but by law we cannot go through them.

Can I breathe?

Yes, relax and breathe normally. There is lots of fresh air around you!

What does it feel like?

Itís impossible to describe, but it will be the most invigorating experience you have ever had. You donít get the sinking stomach feeling that you do on roller coasters or amusement park rides- it really is unlike anything youíve ever done.

How do I prepare?
What should I Wear?
We will provide a fashionable purple jumpsuit or pants, but you should dress in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and wear shoes that will not fall off and donít have hooks. No hiking boots, flip flops, or sandals.

What about my Glasses/Contacts?

We will supply goggles that can go over glasses if needed. Contacts are fine, just make sure that your instructor is aware of them so that you get appropriate goggles.

What should I do when I arrive?
Check in at the Student Manifest window in the Hangar, where you will start your paperwork and pay for your jump (Credit or cash only). You will be directed from there.

Who Can Jump?
Is there an age limit?
You must be at least 18 and provide photo identification.

Is there a weight limit?
The normal weight limit is 220 lbs. If you are heavier than this but still reasonably proportioned, you may still be eligible even up to 285 lbs, but this will cost extra.

What if I have a disability?
You should be able to skydive with almost any type of disability.  If you have any medical problems, please ask your doctor if skydiving is okay.  Also, tell your instructor ahead of time of any issues, particularly if you have back or joint problems. If you have any physical disabilities that we are unsure of, we may require proof from your doctor that it is safe for you to skydive.

Jumping with Others...
Can my friend(s) come and watch?
Absolutely, but be prepared to wait as mentioned above.

Can we all go together?
Each tandem jumper leaves the plane separately from other jumpers, except for their videographer, but you can ride the plane together if the scheduling permits.

Can we get just one video for all of us?
Each jump is made separately so the videographer can only video the jumper with whom he jumps.

About the weather...
Do you jump in the winter?
Yes, we jump all year round. You must dress for cold weather though and bring gloves! Layers are best.

What is weather permitting?

Clouds, rain, and wind can all prevent skydiving from occurring. The clouds must be at least 8,000 ft above the ground to be able to do a tandem, and then you can only leave the plane at 7,500 ft. If the winds are too strong, the canopies cannot land safely. Blue skies are the best.

Can I get a refund?
No, once you have paid, there are no refunds, but you can reschedule your jump for another day.

Other important things you need to know...
The gear used for skydiving is very expensive.  Therefore, we would prefer that you do not bring pets or children.  In addition, you may not smoke in the hangar or around our gear.  There is a designated smoking area located behind the hangar. 

Can I bring a GoPro?
Though this photo says it all, here's the short set of reasons they can't bring GoPros with them:
  • Can cause entanglement with parachute lines
  • Could blind your instructor on opening
  • Distracts you and your instructor from the jump Particularly for AFF, Students need to focus on their own tasks for the jump and not add a distraction. And also that they have a slim chance of getting any footage without proper video training at 120 MPH.
  • We don't even allow our most experienced tandem instructors to be distracted with the handcams some other drop zones are so eager to let their instructors wear, no good can come from distracting your instructor with a camera.

Each person making a skydive MUST bring a government-issued identification to jump and you must be 18 years of age; NO EXCEPTIONS!

Skydive Tandem

Tandem skydive in Quantico, Virginia, Gift certificates for one-day first tandem jumps
The best introduction to skydiving is tandem because it is like learning to fly with an instructor every step of the way. Your jump can either be a joy ride with your instructor taking care of almost everything, or if you like we can make it more of a learning jump, teaching you to watch your altimeter, pull the handle just behind your right hip at 5,500', and flying the parachute with your instructor. Hundreds of Quantico, VA residents have made their first skydive at Orange with out USPA rated tandem instructors, using our state-of-the-art parachute systems. We pride ourselves on the caliber of tandem instructors and videographers who will be jumping with you from the best jump plane at the best skydiving facilities near Quantico, VA.

AFF Skydive certification

Learn to skydive Quantico Virginia, USA!
Repeat jumps can be in the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training program, which can lead to getting your "A" license. Completing the 25-jump AFF training program certifies you as having the basic certification that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to jump unsupervised. Then you can keep jumping and adding skydiving skills till you are qualified to learn wingsuit jumps, base jumps, tracking, enter the various forms of competition- our skydiving professionals can mentor you on your way whatever your skydiving goals are.



Licensed Skydivers

Licensed skydivers from Quantico, Virginia, skydiving year 'round
Licensed skydivers need only bring their logbooks and USPA licenses to sign in and hop on a plane, ride to 13,500' and do almost whatever they like once out the door! We plan to jump year round Saturdays and Sundays, most Federal Holidays, and usually Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Mid April through November. Weekday jumps are usually $5 cheaper for licensed skydivers.




Skydive Orange- taking folks from Sterling skydiving for the first time at this location for over 33 years! In fact, during this time thousands of people from Sterling skydived with us for their first tandem jumps.

Sterling, Virginia is in Loudoun County, Virginia. The population as of the 2010 Census was 27,822. It is located northwest of Herndon, east of Ashburn, and west of Great Falls, and includes part of Dulles International Airport and the former AOL corporate headquarters. Sterling is also home to the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office (serving the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area), as well as the Sterling Field Support Center, the National Weather Service test, research, and evaluation center for weather instruments.