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Same location since 1979. All jumps from our 22-jumper airplane (shown below) from 13,500'. Freefall a minute followed by a 5-6 minute parachute ride. We Skydive Year 'round!

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Canopy Piloting (swooping) encompasses several disciplines, all involving the flight of a skydiving parachute either at high altitude or close to the ground.
"Swooping" is one form of canopy piloting and is a growing activity in the skydiving world. Many think the reason for this is that it is one of the few skydiving related events that are, for the most part, spectator friendly.
Swooping entails the canopy pilot deploying their canopy at 5000 ft, piloting their canopy to an "initiation" point over the swoop course, then turning into a rotating dive dramatically increasing the canopy's speed. The canopy pilot stops the canopy's rotation on the proper course heading, while at the correct altitude allowing their canopy to recover from the dive and level out with maximum speed before entering the course, Maximum speeds regularly reaching in excess of 90 mph. Needless to say, you'll need the experience of hundreds of skydives and specialized one-on-one instruction before starting to learn the fine art of high performance Canopy swooping. If you never made a skydive before, then your Canopy Swooping training starts here. If you skydive but aren't already a licensed skydiver, then your Parachute Swooping training starts here because you need to get your skydiving license before you even think about starting wingsuit skydiving instruction! After you've got your A license and made at least 200 freefall skydives, then we'll arrange wingsuit school for you


Skydive Tandem

Tandem skydive in Annandale, Virginia, Gift certificates for one-day first tandem jumps
The best introduction to skydiving is tandem because it is like learning to fly with an instructor every step of the way. Your jump can either be a joy ride with your instructor taking care of almost everything, or if you like we can make it more of a learning jump, teaching you to watch your altimeter, pull the handle just behind your right hip at 5,500', and flying the parachute with your instructor. Hundreds of Annandale, VA residents have made their first skydive at Orange with out USPA rated tandem instructors, using our state-of-the-art parachute systems. We pride ourselves on the caliber of tandem instructors and videographers who will be jumping with you from the best jump plane at the best skydiving facilities near Annandale, VA.

AFF Skydive certification

Learn to skydive Annandale Virginia, USA!
Repeat jumps can be in the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training program, which can lead to getting your "A" license. Completing the 25-jump AFF training program certifies you as having the basic certification that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to jump unsupervised. Then you can keep jumping and adding skydiving skills till you are qualified to learn wingsuit jumps, base jumps, tracking, enter the various forms of competition- our skydiving professionals can mentor you on your way whatever your skydiving goals are.



Licensed Skydivers

Licensed skydivers from Annandale, Virginia, skydiving year 'round
Licensed skydivers need only bring their logbooks and USPA licenses to sign in and hop on a plane, ride to 13,500' and do almost whatever they like once out the door! We plan to jump year round Saturdays and Sundays, most Federal Holidays, and usually Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Mid April through November. Weekday jumps are usually $5 cheaper for licensed skydivers.




Skydive Orange- taking folks from Annandale skydiving for the first time at this location for over 33 years! In fact, during this time thousands of people from Fairfax County skydived with us for their first tandem jumps.

Annandale is unique in that its history can be traced directly to the pre-Revolutionary period, when, in 1685, an Englishman by the name of Col. William H. Fitzhugh purchased over 24,000 acres of land and his descendants later named the tract "Ravensworth." From an untamed wilderness, Fitzhugh converted the land into one of the largest tobacco plantations in Northern Virginia.

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from the highest altitudes and biggest jump plane! the humble Tandem first skydive, apart from being most folk's most exciting bucket list item, is actually the first jump in the training program to be come a certified skydiver, skydiving instructor, wing suit jumper, canopy swooper, base jumper, and for some of us even world class canopy swoopers!