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Here are what our appreciative customers at Washington DC's skydiving Center have their first tandem jumps with us-
Grant Goulette
Hey Larry, this is Grant from Friday, November 9th's tandem skydive. The video and and pictures are amazing, very nice work. I would like to thank you, Mario, and all the others at Skydive Orange for a truly awesome day. Hope to see you again soon.


Mitchell Wein
Y'all gave me the best 18th birthday EVER! Thanks Reynolds and Lambert for an awesome day! I plan to bring a large group of friends back with me in May! See you then!!


Teresa Caro - Alexandria, VA
Three of my friends and I went to Skydive Orange this past weekend to tandem for the first time, and we all had a BLAST!! We definitely owe our amazing experience to the staff. They were all SO professional, friendly, and FUN. So, THANK YOU to all of them for making it such an incredible experience!! I'd especially like to thank my instructor, Mike, and my videographer, Larry, for helping make my 23rd the best birthday yet! I am so glad I have the video & photos to help me remember it forever. They turned out wonderfully. :)

I would HIGHLY recommend Orange to any other first-timers out there. If you want to partake in the most thrilling experience of your life while feeling completely safe and comfortable at the same time, go to Skydive Orange!

Thanks again, everyone!!! I'll be back :)

Perry Stedman - Charlottesville, VA
You took photos and video of me skydiving yesterday. I was the older guy more than a little terrified. Anyway thanks for the great photos! Great job!


Ronald Pentz - Charleston, SC
Last weekend I flew from Charleston, South Carolina to participate in a tandem skydive at Skydive Orange in Orange, VA. My instructor was Mario, and the photographer/videographer was Lambert.
 As a first time skydiver, I noted that Mario and the cameraman were well in sync and in contorl of the situation. Mario did a fantastic job and demonstrated confidence and technical proficiency as an instructor. Lambert's photos and video were very clear and captured the event with great perspective.
 Thanks to Mario and Lambert, I am a very satisfied customer. The experience was amazing and unforgettable.


Michelle Vaughan
To the Skydive Orange Family,
Thank you all so much for the absolutely amazing experience my friend Melissa and I had last Sunday. I had been dying to skydive ever since I turned 18 and I've spent years researching where to jump. I could not have asked for a better team of professionals to jump with. Thanks so much to my wonderful photographer Grayson and my fantastic instructor Kevin! You guys rock! I will always cherish that once in a lifetime experience you guys gave me.

Expect to see me back soon! Be safe out there guys!  - Michelle Vaughan
Ericka Montull - San Juan, Puerto Rico
Hi Lambert,

I jumped last Thursday, July 19th, with my father and brother (birthday boy) and I wanted to tell you that I LOVED the video and the pictures, you are the best!!

I'm so glad we chose Orange for our first jump. Everybody was really nice!! It was an amazing experience. I loved skydiving and I definitely want to do it again! I hope I can jump again with you
guys!!  Please say Hi to Mario for me. He was an amazing instructor. Made me feel confident and secured before and during the jump!!

Thanks for everything. Hope to see you soon! - Ericka 
Tandem and AFF skydivers from Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.
Virginia Wounded Warrior Program
Dear Skydive Orange,

On the weekend of June 1-3, 2012 the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program held a peer retreat for Virginia Veterans.  The retreat was meant to help our returning servicemembers recover from not just visible wounds but the invisible wounds as well.  To build friendships and camaraderie we decided to go skydiving.  Your organization was very helpful in planning the activity and remaining flexible with us.  Your staff was very friendly and made it an amazing day for all of us involved.  Most of the veterans who participated had never skydived before and your excellent staff and instructors were able to put many of the Veterans minds at ease.  Every veteran involved had nothing but glowing endorsements for Skydive Orange, and everybody involved who made this a day we will never forget.  Many Veterans returning home have come back to hard times both physically and emotionally.  Skydive Orange gave us the opportunity to get out of our heads and enjoy the world in a way many of us had never imagined.  On behalf of the Virgina Wounded Warrior Program and all the veterans involved, I would like to thank you for the experience like no other!

David Golloway
Virginia Wounded Warrior Program
Peer Specialist (Northern Region)
USMC Iraq War Veteran
Diana Goody
Hey Lambert,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the weekend tandem, I had a fabulous time and can't wait to jump again!

Here are 3 of my favorite photos with you and Kevin, who I have to say is absolutely amazing, he is a fantastic instructor and if I wasn't already married I would want to marry him!  :-)

The video is brilliant, I have watched it over 10 times already!  I particularly like when you cheer and clap with your hands.............and then clap with your feet :-).

The music 7, Get the Party Started and In the End (3 songs that actually mean a lot to me anyway), works brilliantly with the video, not sure what the country option was like but you definitely made the right choice for me.

The second photo was just before a kind of a high five/push that sent us into a really cool spin in the direction Kevin is pointing, this looks very cool on the video.

I will stop rambling on, I am sure you better things to do with your time than reading emails, like jumping out of planes!  Thanks again and thanks to all the team at Skydive Orange, I cant wait for my next visit :-)

Best wishes
Vicki Novak - Gainesville, VA
Hey Chris, I hope you will remember me from our tandem skydive last Sunday. I just wanted to say thank you for putting me at ease and for making this one of, if not the most exciting and thrilling experiences I have ever had. Flying on a F-18 was close but really does not rival what I felt on Sunday. Here are a few pics of us. By the way, Lambert did an incredible job and you surely did!

I intend to go back to Skydive Orange either to jump again or to be with friends who I will be encouraging to jump. I already have a former NASA Astronaut friend who wants to take his sons out there and I bet he will. I will be mentioning your name to a number of people, for sure.

Again, thank you for making this experience more than amazing. You are a sweetheart!

Happy Easter to you and your family.
Natasha Boddie - Northern Virginia
Dear Skydive Orange Family, 

This letter is dedicated to the AWESOME staff at Skydive Orange. Your professionalism with a side of hospitality was greatly appreciated. I visited Skydive Orange as part of my 30th birthday celebration... words can't begin to describe the feelings I had then and those memories that remain vivid in my mind. 
Lambert - Thanks! Oh Wow! My pictures are posted everywhere from home to work to my FaceBook. The video is replayed frequently to say the least. You caught all the best moments, despite the fact you couldn't see my face... that will teach me to go skydiving in -2 degree weather. You are awesome! 
Denzil - What a remarkable instructor! My comfort level exceeded my own expectations. I anticipated a hectic nervous wreck. Instead I felt secure and safe. Thank you for taking good care of me. We made a great team. We will have to do it again sometime! This is your official warning, I will be back... 

Again, thank you Skydive Orange for making my 30th birthday a hit! I will be back... with some friends. 

Natasha Boddie 
Michelle Day - Monroe, MI
My name is Michelle and I was there this past Sat...If it weren't for the photos/videos I would be forever confused about what the  !*-* happened after we jumped! I now know I really WAS head first for a bit:) lol. My pictures are priceless to say the least.
Thanks again Lambert for capturing these moments (including those when I couldn't breathe!) And thanks to Mario, he was fabulous as well.
I loved everything and would not change a thing...I'll definitely make the trek from Michigan to Orange for my next jump